During audience questions, County Service Area 36 secretary Annamarie Padula (far left) takes notes and Advisory Committee members (from left) Vice Chair Bob Schraff, Chair Carol McClintic and Reba Coulter listen attentively. Photo by J.P. Crumrine

The County Service Area (CSA) 36 Advisory Committee returned to Town Hall for its monthly meetings. Last week’s session was sparsely attended. The fervor and aggressiveness on display at its special July meeting were totally absent.

Attendees Kathy Lewis and Dawn Sonnier, acting chair of the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC), asked the committee many questions, mostly about finances and costs.

For example, Lewis wanted to know the source of funding for the additional county staff seen helping GeGe Beagle, recreation direction for the program and how much public funding, either directly from the county or from CSA 36 reserves, was used for the three children’s field trips last month.

Sonnier questioned the size of the preschool program and its funding. She inquired whether there was still a question whether the provision of preschool services was a recreational activity. Sonnier asked if the new management had a policy that differed from ICRC’s provision of the service.
“I still have some objections,” replied committee member Reba Coulter.
However, in the absence of either Bill Brown or Michael Franklin, none of the members had the current budget or expenditure data to answer the numerous inquiries.
Beagle, the local recreation director, reported that August had been a very full month and the Labor Day weekend events were especially well-attended. The Sunday Rotary Barbecue served more than 400 meals and the Monday morning PEO [Philanthropic Educational Organization] breakfast served 100 more meals than in 2010, according to Beagle.
She is also working with the embryonic seniors’ group to host another movie night, scheduled for Friday, Sept. 23. “Despicable Me,” with local Elsie Fisher, will be featured that night.
She also told the committee that several prospective instructors had approached her about offering classes through the recreation program. These will begin later this month. Examples of what will be available include cooking and yoga.