San Bernardino National Forest Cranston Fire reforestation proposed action map. Map courtesy of San Bernardino National Forest

By San Bernardino National Forest

Officials with San Bernardino National Forest-U.S. Forest Service are requesting comments by July 23, 2020, for reforesting areas within the 2018 Cranston Fire footprint. 

In order to maintain a resilient genetic pool of alpine forest, Forest Service staff are proposing to plant hundreds of thousands of Coulter pine, Jeffrey pine and bigcone Douglas-fir tree seedlings on approximately 741 acres of land where the fire burned at the highest intensities. 

Planting these trees will not only address forest fire recovery, but reestablish cover for deer and other wildlife. Caused by arson, the Cranston Fire’s total acreage reached 13,139 acres and burned for approximately two weeks around Mountain Center, Idyllwild and Lake Hemet within the San Jacinto Ranger District.

Planting is expected to begin winter 2020 through the spring of 2021 by a contractor. No heavy equipment will be used. All planting will be conducted by hand or hand-carried mechanized equipment. 

Public comments are being requested to help identify key issues, mitigation measures and analyze the effects of this proposed action. Forest managers are asking the public to be as specific as possible.

Project documents are available at Paper copies are available upon request by contacting Lance Woolley, project lead, at [email protected] or 909-382-2858.

Written, faxed (951-659-2107), hand-delivered, and electronic comments concerning this action will be accepted, however the preference is by email with “Scoping Cranston Reforestation Project” in the subject line. If you are unable to send comments electronically, you may send them by mail to: 

U.S. Forest Service, 

Attn: Lance Woolley

P.O. Box 518 

Idyllwild, CA 92549