The Idyllwild Water District (IWD) board of directors passed the FY 2020/21 budget at its June board meeting. 

The IWD board approved the budget in two parts. During one part Director Steve Kunkle was excused from the room while the remaining board members voted on the portions of the budget that included employee benefits. Kunkle is a past employee (retired in 2016 after 28 years) of IWD. The other part approved was on the rest of the budget, excluding employee benefits, which Kunkle voted on. 

The board voted to place the emergency siren alert system funding of up to $10,000 as an item for approval on its July meeting agenda set for 6 p.m. on July 15 after Idyllwild Fire Protection District Board President Ralph Hoetger provided more details on the system to the IWD board at the June meeting.  

IWD’s new General Manager Leo Havener gave a report outlining six required training courses he completed in early to early-mid June in addition to outlining the district’s spring and summer projects.  

Some of the projects on Havener’s list are: “Exercise and service fire hydrants,” “Rock Dale tank dirt removal from around fence perimeter,” “Meter Foster Lake draining,” “Install fire hydrant crash poles” and “Well no. 8 site prep (clear brush and debris, replace culvert and build up well site.”