Dear editor:
As a part-time resident of the Hill, I have been amazed at the issues plaguing the various service districts over the past several years. These are small communities and small service districts manned by a small number of employees — most of them dedicated to serving their community.
The latest fiasco with Idyllwild Water District is a case in point. Two general managers separate from the district citing similar issues with the same person or persons. Employees resign and/or complain of harassment by the same person or persons responsible for the managers leaving.
When will the board wake up and realize who the common denominator is? Residents should get a board with a spine willing to take appropriate action and save the taxpayers a huge amount of money better used to provide service to the community and improving infrastructure instead of fighting employee lawsuits.
Thank you, Town Crier for keeping us informed about the presence of managers and board members who lack moral character and put themselves before and above the people they are supposed to serve.

Al Bates
Pine Cove and San Diego