My aunt and uncle who lived in Utah sponsored me and my daughter in 1956 to immigrate to the United States.

A sponsorship meant you took responsibility for the person or persons you signed for. The authorities kept track of all immigrants.

It took more than two years to be granted our visas. I was thoroughly checked out coming from East Germany.

Rightfully so, you should have enough education to find a job and not be a burden — to give and not to take.

We should go back to those rules. They worked. The ones without a sponsor should be able to support themselves. They also should pledge to obey the laws of the United States and become proud citizens.

Ronald Reagan said years ago that if you’re lucky enough to live in the United States, you are lucky enough.

Freedom is not free. We have to protect it.

I love you, America. You have my back.

Gisela M. Stearns