Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats met new Harper, ARF’s newest dog.
Harper: Hey cats! Are you staying warm and dry?
Whiskers: Of course. We are all so glad we are here with ARF instead of fending for ourselves outside!
Harper: I understand that.
Whiskers: I’m surprised you’re still here. I thought you’d be adopted by now.
Pepper: Yea. What are you still doing here?
Harper: We can thank the snow. I was scheduled to meet several possible forever families, but the snowstorm got in the way.
Pepper: I’m sorry to hear this. Hopefully, you’ll meet them soon.
Harper: We have rescheduled the meetings for this Sunday. Let’s hope the weather allows!
Sadie: I’ll keep my paws crossed for you. By the way, have all of you met the new cats?
Harper: New cats?
Sadie: That’s right. Let me get them now.
Metta: (enters room) Hello fellow felines! I’m Metta and this is Triton.
Triton: Hello everyone! Yes, we are the new ARF cats. We are 1 year old, spayed and neutered, and current on all vaccinations.
Sadie: I must say you two are lovely.
Harper: And you’re very friendly.
Lulu: I’ve heard that you welcome attention from all humans.
Metta: That’s true, and we cannot wait to be part of a real forever family.
Harper: I bet you’ll like it here. All of the cats are so nice.
Lulu: Speaking of all cats, where is Ivan?
Sadie: After reading last week’s “Creature Corner,” a wonderful man was compelled to meet Ivan.
Lulu: And I bet he fell in love with Ivan on the spot.
Whiskers: That’s right! Ivan now has a forever family.
Pepper: How lucky! I’m certain the day is coming for each of us.
Harper: And mine might be this weekend!
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