Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats learned that most of them have been adopted.
Whiskers: Well, here we are.
Pepper: Yep, here we are. It is so quiet!
Whiskers: The quiet makes for good eavesdropping. I’ve been listening to the ARF humans.
Pepper: So have I. They’ve talked quite a bit about safety for dogs and cats.
Whiskers: Safety in the mountains. It’s an important topic.
Pepper: One of them was saying that a friend of theirs was shocked when just last week her little dog was grabbed by a hawk right in front of her eyes. She was maybe 3 feet away.
Whiskers: No! What happened?
Pepper: She ran at the hawk, screaming and waving her arms. The hawk dropped her poor little dog, but it was injured.
Whiskers: Wow. This could happen to any dog or cat. Humans have to be very careful and keep an eye on their beloved four-leggeds.
Lulu: It scares them when they see dogs and cats running loose on this mountain. So many bad things await.
Whiskers: True. It is so beautiful up here but this natural beauty comes at a price.
Lulu: They are able to keep dogs safe on leashes, next to their side, when they’re outside. What about us cats?
Whiskers: Cats really need to stay indoors if they’re going to be truly safe. I’m glad ARF has such a great catio for us.
Pepper: We feel as if we are enjoying the outdoors but we are safe.
Lulu: What about humans who cannot build a catio like ours?
Pepper: I imagine they can create a small catio at a window.
Lulu: Or they could make certain we have access to at least one window. And in the warmer weather, they could leave it open for us with a very secure screen, of course.
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