A large trash bin is filling up quickly as Dick and Pat Schwartz, left, finish assisting Mike Feyder, right, unloading his truck at the Pine Cove Water District Dutch Flats Facility last Saturday. Photo by woody henderson

“Last Saturday’s Pine Cove Clean Up was a successful first step to help property owners in Pine Cove rid their property of unsightly trash,” said Pine Cove Property Owners Association President Richard Schwartz.
PCPOA and Pine Cove Water District co-sponsored the one-day event.
PCPOA members even picked up trash from the curbs of property owners who were unable to bring it to the Dutch Flat location.
Schwartz said that with the assistance of Andrea Mares, board assistant to Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor Chuck Washington, “the county provided a large trash bin.”
He said Andy Kawas coordinated the event “and all the volunteers who helped out.”