As prospective retirees, we are now looking for an appropriate purchaser for the Idyllwild Town Crier, our community’s fully adjudicated newspaper that has now completed 75 years of continuous publication in the San Jacinto Mountains — someone who will continue the Town Crier’s tradition of serving our Hill as a real community newspaper.
Someone, preferably with newspaper experience or who will hire and support an experienced newspaper editor, who can lead the Town Crier in monitoring and reporting on the meetings and other doings of our many local public agencies in the greater Idyllwild-Pine Cove area: Riverside County Board of Supervisors, Idyllwild Water District, Pine Cove Water District, Fern Valley Water District and Lake Hemet Water District, Idyllwild Fire Protection District, and Idyllwild Historic Preservation District — as well as relevant happenings regarding the educational institutions that serve our Hill.
We’re looking for a person who will keep the TC monitoring and reporting on local matters of critical interest, such as county redistricting, short-term rentals, local crimes, fires, traffic collisions and COVID-related developments, and who will continue following and reporting on the numerous music and arts happenings that make our Hill community unique. Someone who will continue our local economy-enhancing and revenue-producing IHP publications — the Idyllwild Phone Book, the Idyllwild Visitors Guide and the Idyllwild Visitors Map.
If you feel you are that right someone, contact Bob Hughes at Hughes Properties [email protected] or call him at 1-760-275-6914.