The Idyllwild Skate Park, owned and operated by the Idyllwild Community Center (ICC), was built in 2001 and underwent minor repairs in 2015. As a facility that serves locals and tourists, the skate park has undergone heavy usage, and has suffered significant weather deterioration due to Idyllwild winters over its 20-plus-year life span, leaving the skate park in need of major repairs.
Following an ICC public meeting held at the skate park Saturday, Feb. 5, the goal of replacing and/or renovating one feature at a time was agreed upon, beginning with the half pipe.
Monday, Feb. 7, a large group of community volunteers and ICC staff gathered to begin the project. They removed the old half pipe and salvaged any materials that could be used in other repairs.
ICC is now looking to raise funds to build a new and improved half-pipe feature and modestly expand the footprint of the skate park.
Based on community feedback, as well as ICC’s desire to improve mountain community recreation, the first fundraising goal is to raise $15,000. This will allow ICC to build a 24-foot-wide half pipe (increased from the 16-foot old half pipe) that includes ramp extensions to add multiple levels of difficulty.
ICC’s goal is to complete the first phase of this project, which includes installing the proposed new half pipe and interim repairs on several other structures before the end of spring 2022. The sooner the funds are raised, the sooner the work will be completed.
Anyone interested in volunteering their time or have a fundraising idea is asked to email ICC’s Recreation and Program Director Will Steichen at [email protected].
To donate funds, visit