75 years ago - 1947
Pop Groom leased Haigh and Weller land above Pine Cove where Mountain Sawmill was logging for a winter sports area.

70 years ago - 1952
The State Riding and Hiking Trail project again stalled due to right-of-way difficulties. The trail was being considered for rerouting elsewhere.

65 years ago - 1957
Eight parachutes were purchased from war surplus and installed in the elementary school multipurpose room to help muffle the clatter.

60 years ago - 1962
Town Hall was at almost full capacity for use, according to Chamber President Clarence Bishof.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Connally of Scottsdale purchased Rocky Rill Lodge from Frances Knox. They planned to use it for a vacation home for their large family.

55 years ago - 1967
Conforming with new postal regulations, Town Crier started mailing out-of-town papers by ZIP code number. Previously, mailed copies had been bundled alphabetically by towns.
• • •
The Hemet Unified School District asked Doris Hunt for a description of the work she did as elementary school secretary. “It’s totally impossible to tell you what I do,” she said, as she mentioned coping with snakes, dogs, rabbits, bloody noses, skinned knees, tears, etc.

50 years ago - 1972
Plans for a 253-unit mobile home park on 40 acres in the Tahquitz Lake Estates area generated opposition from several nearby property owners.

45 years ago - 1977
At the end of 1976, the six-months’ total rainfall amounted to 14.91 inches. The previous year’s Dec. 31 figure was 7 inches.

40 years ago - 1982
Three U.S. Forest Service officers spoke at Idyllwild’s Izaak Walton League meeting about plans underway in San Bernardino County to prevent destruction of urban and mountain developments due to forest fire.

35 years ago - 1987
More than 3,900 homes and businesses were left without electricity for a day in the aftermath of the year’s first winter storm.

30 years ago - 1992
Town Hall offered a two-session live sound engineering class.
25 years ago - 1997
Four months after the Tree Monument was taken down for extensive restoration, it was lifted by crews and returned to its base.

20 years ago - 2002
A group of private developers announced plans to build a $3 million private resort and spa complex near the center of Idyllwild.

15 years ago - 2007
Three separate traffic collisons all occurred at the same spot on the same day, just a few hours apart on Highway 74 just west of McCall Park Road.

10 years ago - 2012
The Lawler Fire, which started Jan. 8, burned about 14 acres within the San Jacinto Ranger District of the San Bernardino National Forest near the area of Eagles Nest.

5 years ago - 2017
The Hill received nearly 2 inches of rain since New Year’s with more rain and possibly some snow in the forecast for the week.

1 year ago - 2021
Many of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild’s (AAI) usual events were canceled during 2020 because of the pandemic. However, AAI was able to safely stage certain events by holding them outdoors and complying with all health requirements.