Creature Corner: July 21, 2011

Oh, sweet Bobby McGee, if only you could tell us your story. Were you born with the physical challenges that you bear with such grace and good humor? Did someone literally kick you out into the streets because they couldn’t understand you — or didn’t have the small measure of patience it takes to love you?

Creature Corner: July 14, 2011

Four paws up to Max, the husky/shepherd mix, now known as Luke. Luke has found his forever home, and is said to be living...

Creature Corner: July 7, 2011

By Mimi and Hootch Every morning, she would be there to greet you in the kitchen at the ARF house. Not a vocal cat, but...

Creature Corner: June 30, 2011

A red, white and blue celebration to Melissa, the chiweenie who found her dream home this week. Rescued from the streets, scared, hungry and needing medical attention, she will now be pampered, loved, and sharing a home with Baxter, ARF’s movie star rescue. Paws up to you Melissa.