Looking dashing in her summer golf outfit, Patty Kaplan watches her wiffle ball approach the ninth hole during the wiffle ball golf tournament that raised nearly $700 to help the Idyllwild-based organization “Helping the Homeless Now.” Photos by Cid Castillo

Idyllwild’s Joan Carter kicks up the dust as she hits her wiffle golf ball toward the ninth hole during Sandii Castleberry’s second Wiffle Golf Fundraiser.

Paul Carman celebrates a hole-in-one shot.

With great anticipation, I wended my way out to West Marion View again for what has become a worthy and most enjoyable fundraiser for local folks who could do with a spot of assistance.

I refer to Sandii Castleberry’s Castle Berry Country Club, that beguiling golf Mecca that beckons you forth then cuts you off at your knees.

I was among the early arrivals Sunday afternoon. After greeting hosts Castleberry and Bob Baker, I settled myself with a nerve-calming brew to await a playing partner.

I remained sedentary but a few minutes, before the landscape burst into the People-Will-Come scene from “Field of Dreams.” Dozens of cheery folk contributed to the worthy pot, then selected a club or a chair to enjoy themselves.

Baker, the outstanding greenskeeper of the club, has done a yeoman’s job of improving the course since its debut in July. It now boasts 18 groomed fairways and raked “grays” (in lieu of “greens”) with fully-lined, recessed golf holes about a foot in diameter. That had to be a whole lot of good, hard work.

I am most proud to report that I improved my score greatly in this second competition. Reasons include Baker’s greenskeeping and my choice of an excellent 9-iron.

I flamed a 58, which — although not good enough to win — managed to edge one of my playing partners by a single stroke. His name is Pete, but he is a renowned local golfer so I will not provide you with his last name, since that would be indiscreet. It begins with a “C” and ends with an “i.”

Truly inspirational was our third playing partner, local man-about-town Hill Champion, who traded his red and white cane for a 7-iron and gamely blasted his way to a respectable two-digit score and birdied two holes during his play of the course.

As always, the 19th hole was outstanding, with much chatter, laughter and good nature. Guests and golfers were further rewarded with Sandii’s gorgeous song to crown a beautiful afternoon.

Do yourself a big favor. Keep an “i” open for announcements and come hang with Sandii at her next tournament. Make a nice donation and enjoy a brew or bring your own libation and donate a bit for corkage.

Congrats to Sandii for a great idea — restoring golf to the local recreation scene — and another fine and fun day.