All eyes are on the ball as players from the Sacco Dining Wolverines (in gray) play against the Green Hornets. Photo by Cid Castillo
Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Youth Soccer for the week of Oct. 24.

Minor League (ages 4-5)

On Thursday the Idyllwild Heating and Cooling Bobcats took on the La Casita Ravens. Mason Dunn played great for the Bobcats as he went after the ball all game and had some awesome kicks. Travis Rocha had one of his best games for the Ravens as he drove the ball down the field the whole game.

Also on Thursday the American Legion Hurricanes took on the Café Aroma Galaxy. The Hurricanes were aggressive all game and scored a bunch of goals including nice ones by Liliana Sorensen and Revin Muir. Julia Wangler played great for the Galaxy going after the ball and getting some nice kicks.

Major League (ages 6-7)

On Monday, Oct. 24, the Arriba Black Knights played their last game of the regular season against the Sacco Dining Wolverines. The Wolverines were focused and on fire as they quickly scored two goals. Rene Hernandez played great in goal for the Black Knights stopping shots all game long. The Black Knights played better the second half but the Wolverines went on to win 3-0.

On Thursday, Sacco Dining Wolverines and the Rotary Green Hornets finished the Majors season. The winner of the game would get the first seed for the playoffs.

Both teams played great all game. The Green Hornets’ Jordan Gates played well on offense and helped give the Hornets a one goal lead late in the game. With just a couple minutes remaining, the Wolverines’ Cody Fogle went around the left side, drove in front of the goal and tapped in the tying goal.

The game ended in a 2-2 tie which gave the Green Hornets first place for the playoffs by a single point.

The Green Hornets finished with 17 points and will play the winner of the playoff game between the Wolverines and the Black Knights. The winner faces the Green Hornets in the championship game on 5 p.m., Thursday Nov. 3.

Standings Wins Losses Ties
Rotary Green Hornets 5 1 2
Sacco Dining Wolverines 5 2 1
Arriba Black Knights 0 7 1

Pro League (ages 8-11)

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the Jo’An’s Flame Throwers took on the Pacific Slope Tsunami’s. In another great game, the Tsunami’s jumped out to an early lead. Ben Tiso, of the Tsunamis, had a great game and scored two big goals. But the Flame Throwers fought back; thanks in part to Sarai Manchester’s aggressive second half play. The Flame Throwers scored two goals late in the second half and had chances to tie the game but the Tsunami’s held on to a 4-3 win.

On Thursday a makeup game was forfeited by the Orange Crush and the Flame Throwers were awarded the win.

On Friday the regular season wrapped up with the Doctor’s Dunn and Dunn Orange Crush taking on the Pacific Slope Tsunami’s. Both teams played great as the game went back and forth. Mei Xing Hunt and Joseph Tiso played great for the Tsunami’s going after the ball and protecting the goal all game. Lanie Wilke played great in goal and Destinee Helsor played solid defense in the second half. Jake Gurling got free in the middle of the field and scored the go ahead goal with one minute to go in the game as the Orange Crush won 4-3.

Standings Wins Losses Ties
Jo’An’s Flame Throwers 4 3 1
Dunn and Dunn Orange Crush 3 3 2
Pacific Slope Tsunamis 3 4 1

In a great season, there was no clear favorite in any game. Every game was close and each team battled the other all season. The Flame Throwers earned the first seed for the playoffs and will meet the winner of the playoff game between the Orange Crush and the Tsunami’s in the championship game at 5 p.m. Friday Nov. 4.