This first paragraph is in response to the Readers write letter from Jeff Smith last week [in the Nov. 3 issue of the Town Crier].

It is malicious and full of fabrications. I have only met Jeff Smith once, and that was at the County Service Area (CSA) 36 advisory committee meeting when he threatened to have my husband arrested for a false accusation that Jeff did not witness.

My husband, Bob Lewis, has never been on the ICRC board, and he has never had his name on the ICRC bank account. Jeff Smith is incorrect when he wrote about ICRC and Bob having their names “in bank accounts with their names on it.”

As far as he states “ICRC and good ole boys hiring themselves and their family at outrageous salaries ripping off taxpayer dollars,” is not true. I work full time providing for our family.

As you know, my husband was the Director of Idyllwild Town Hall Recreation. Bob and 13 other Town Hall employees were laid off on July 31 due to the County of Riverside taking over Idyllwild recreation. (Read update below.)

Jeff Smith stated “Watch em, ICRC will never deny it.” ICRC has always been transparent and available for citizens questions. We teach our children about bullying in school. I heard Jeff is a school teacher. We also teach our children to stand up to bullying. It’s sad I need to do this as an adult, but I want my child to know that you need to stand up for yourself against bullies.

Here are some important safety and business facts that should be researched and reported in the local newspaper. On Aug. 1, the County of Riverside took over Town Hall Recreation. An annual yearly budget has not been produced from Bill Brown, Riverside County EDA.

Three county employees are performing what Bob did as the Director. Together, their salaries exceed $100,000. Bill Brown has not produced August, September or October Town Hall monthly budgets, or emailed them as promised.

I attended those CSA 36 meetings. No Idyllwild Town Hall budget! Coaches and others working with our children have not been fingerprinted. They were before. Some new county employees were fingerprinted after they were working with our children. Some Town Hall employees have not been paid after 6 weeks of working.

The building has not been inspected for safety, along with the playground not having a final inspection. The playground is fenced off so our children can not play there anymore. We need to follow up on Town Hall.

Kathy Lewis