Owner Gary Steven shows Dawn Sonnier (left) and Emily White the skate rental facility. Photo by Cid Castillo

Warm temperatures, generator break downs, Freon, wind, pine needles and stubborn rink surfaces refusing to ice sufficiently have conspired to prevent the timely opening of the ice rink at the Idyllwild Community Center property.

But the rink was expected to open on the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 28 or the next day, Dec. 29, at the latest, according to Idyllwild Community Recreation Council directors Emily White and Dawn Sonnier.

An ice rink partition walls off surface that hasn’t frozen. Photo by Cid Castillo
Gary Steven, Ice Gardens Skating Rink, owns the rink and his son Adam will be the local manager. Steven previously operated a rink in Big Bear for one season last year, December through March.

According to White, Steven plans to open the rink in the mornings and late afternoons everyday through New Year’s Day. After that, the plan is to be open Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings and late afternoons. If there is a very cold spell, White said the rink would stay open all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Parking for patrons will be as it was during the summer concerts. Entrance into the rink costs $7 and skate rental is $3. White said the plan is to have the rink remain open through mid March.

The rink will be lit at night and music will be played to accompany the skaters, according to White.

Sonnier and White inspected the rink and rental facility Tuesday evening, Dec. 27 to satisfy themselves that the entrance, flow of traffic, ice conditions and skates were satisfactory. Also, a temporary wall was erected to block an area of the rink that had not frozen.