The true meaning of giving must come from the heart.

Yes, Ms. Mueller was indeed extremely generous with her ARF donation — unfortunately leading to much controversy.

Extreme amounts of money were spent by her for the election, “Max for Mayor” which certainly could have added to ARF’s coffers — but of course it was Ms. Mueller’s money spent as she felt.

As I have previously written, this generous donation was grossly misdirected. Donations should be given “from the heart” directly to ARF not for the benefit of electing Max as mayor.

All other 15 candidates worked very hard raising funds to benefit our wonderful four-legged friends. This is what it was all about.

Addressing the letter written Aug. 23 by Mr. Dernehl who apparently lives “off the Hill,” your research deserves a D- (and I am being extremely generous). Research the facts and learn the “true meaning of giving.”

Thank you dear ARF for having allowed us to have been a part of your wonderful organization, may you keep up the great work, the animals and Hill need you.

This is my final letter saying all I have said. We will now put our efforts into deeds not words.

Madelaine Barnett Cresswell
Campaign Manager
and Hogan
Idyllwild Vice Mayor