The ARF Idyllwild mayoralty election was in June. These will be the final letters and comments about that race. It is time to turn to the future.

I encourage readers to focus on the November election which will be in less than 70 days.

If you prefer local topics, then Max’s leadership and re-election campaign can be addressed next spring.

You will see periodic interviews with the Mayor about the job and town.



  1. Max is awesome. I lost my dog to cancer a couple years ago, and boy, if I had the money, I’d of ensured her position as Queen, Princess, President, Mayor- whatever I could to celebrate her life. If this Gal, (Max’s Mom), wants to spend the dough, while donating to ARF, and enabling Max to feel even more special and loved simultaneously, then please everyone, enough about your damn cat or dog, or lizard not winning the race. Put a birthday hat on your animal and have a parade for it in

    your own back yard! They would appreciate the focus on the positive, trust me. (so would we all 🙂 Go Max! And

    all my love to every creature in this blessed community! Dee