Reunited and happy to be home are Leeloo, Bolt and Cuko, and Tank, Nala and Rango. If your pet has decided to run away from home, call the ARF Search and Rescue, (626) 833-2311.


Anyone recognize this cat? He was found on Double View a couple of weeks ago, and is now available for adoption. We have named him Theodore. He has a twin sister who was also found on Double View this weekend. They are very healthy and friendly. Both are dark gray with white markings. Call ARF, (951) 659-1122.


October is Adopt A Shelter Animal Month. And what better way to enjoy watching the snow fall, than with a dog at your side, or a cat in your lap. ARF has a “fur” coat just for you.


Malachi, Tammy and Tawny are the ARF welcoming committee. Always eager to lend a paw, Malachi, a senior min pin, will greet you at the door. And even better yet if you have a feline with you, because he is a lover of cats, and other dogs, too. Great on the leash, but you should see his two-legged dance when you arrive home. Tammy, a young Chihuahua mix, will join you in the back of your chair, always with her ears up and her great smile, ready to cuddle. And Tawny, a deerhead Chihuahua can walk backwards on two legs and then flops over for that great belly rub.


Two peas in a pod, Carly and Sadie are sisters not even a year old. A little shy, they clearly would love to have a home together.

Carly and Sadie

Sister and Mama are the remaining cats of the MacCleod Gang. Sister is about 7 months old, and is finally able to have some fun now that the babies are all adopted. She was always there with Mama to help care for her sisters. Mama is about 1-1⁄2-year-old Siamese mix.


ARF has many cats and dogs available for adoption or fostering. Go to and click on Petfinder. All pets are spayed, neutered, and current on shots. ARF is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sundays. Call (951) 659-1122 or email [email protected] for appointment on any other day.

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