Two weeks ago, after taking sworn testimony from 11 individuals, the grand jury issued a report formally recommending that Idyllwild Fire Protection District commissioners consider terminating both Capt. Mark LaMont and Fire Chief Patrick Reitz.

In an action that could be described as thumbing their noses at the grand jury, IFPD commissioners this week unanimously ratified the action of Reitz giving LaMont a promotion and raise.

After two closed-door sessions totaling approximately two-and-a-half hours, without claiming to have taken sworn testimony from anybody and without taking any action, Commissioners Jerry Buchanan, Rhonda Andrewson, Janine Charles-Stigall, Larry Donahoo and Nancy Layton, in open session, voted unanimously to ratify Reitz’s promotion of LaMont to the administrative captain position he has informally occupied for some time, and with a raise in salary.

Buchanan described LaMont’s promotion as “long overdue.”

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the IFPD Commissioners is set for Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014, at 6 p.m.

Click here to view the grand jury report: 2013-2014 Grand Jury Report IFPD Board of Commissiioners and Finance Committee