When asked if Idyllwild Fire Chief Patrick Reitz had received his paramedics license yet, IFPD Commission President Jerry Buchanan said the grand jury got that wrong. Reitz’s contract does not require him to have the license. Thus dismissing the whole report.

However, the job description, which the commission issued, does require a paramedics license.

Wouldn’t you think the manager over a department staff that primarily responds to medical aids with only 5 percent fire response should have training and licensing in paramedics?

Wouldn’t you also think the chief should not be on the committee that responds to the grand jury report that recommended the commission consider his termination?

Wouldn’t you think that Capt. LaMont, accused of misconduct, should not be the one investigating the incident?

Don’t you think we should know why Capt. Reyes was on paid administrative leave (taxpayer dollars) since January and why he’s since been let go?

Don’t you think we should know who started a petition to try to have Capt. Mulhall forced out and why he was later forced to take early retirement?

A paramedics department without a qualified chief.

A chief in on writing the official response to a grand jury report suggesting his termination.

A captain accused of misconduct investigating himself.

A captain terminated after seven months of paid leave.

A captain forced to take early retirement.

And people say nothing’s wrong at IFPD.

Becky Clark



  1. The citizens of Idyllwild do not realize the legal implications of the Grand Jury Report. The next time someone is not treated correctly on an EMS call or a member of the public or a Fire fighter is mistreated by someone at Idyllwild Fire and they Sue which they will. The prosecution will ask what training was done and what discipline to members after the Grand Jury Report. I am sorry but The Grand Jury decision was unbiased and recognized in a court of law. The Judge may allow damages in any amount and the town of Idyllwild might be liable. I guess my question is are we willing to take the chance?