Q.  I’ve gained some weight and now a lot of my shirts are way too tight so the shirts strain at the front and my white undershirt shows between the buttons. What can I do?

— Bubba, Aguanga

A. You have three options to keep your undershirt from showing: 1) Don’t wear undershirts, 2) find some undershirts the same color as your shirts, or 3) get a sweater vest. I opt for the sweater vest, myself. It also covers stains on my shirt from leaky pens, motor oil and the ones I got from onion dip last Super Bowl Sunday. If you don’t like any of these options, you can keep wearing white undershirts and just let them flash white between your buttons. Some people send Morse Code that way.

Q. My husband wears glasses, and he keeps them on with a piece of plastic tubing around the back of his head. I think this looks goofy. How can I get him to stop with this?

— Name withheld

A. Becky, family members aren’t eligible to ask questions here.

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