Make a reminder when your dog license needs to be renewed. The county doesn’t always send a renewal, but they are happy to send a late notice notifying you owe $25 more now that it is 30 days past the renewal date.

You can email them at

[email protected] with your dog’s license number to find out the expiration. This is the only way to receive a reply to any question.

You cannot get a license if the rabies vaccination expires before the end of the term of the license. So if my dog’s license expires the 13th, I will get him vaccinated the 14th and then send in the renewal, taking advantage of the 30-day grace period and avoid vaccinating him early.

As of last month, the county is requesting proof of microchip on file. Thankfully, ARF does microchipping for $20 and uses a Home Again microchip.

Some may think microchip is only for if your dog gets lost. But it is also a way to prove you are the owner, if your dog ever gets stolen or readopted after being lost. You can register the microchip on the County of Riverside website at www.rcdas.org under Services/Pet Services.

If your dog ever lives outside the county, you need to notify the county’s Department of Animal Services because otherwise, it will continue billing you for a license and late fees. Also, don’t wait for a notice of renewal to inform them that a pet is deceased. Just send them an email.

It saves you money if you put the owner’s name as the oldest person in your family. Once the owner turns 60, the license rate is lower; for example, $20 instead of $35 for a three-year license. I’ll be paying for a two-year license as I turn 60 before the third year, then I’ll do a one-year renewal at the senior rate.

Merrie VonSeggern