re: Time for just one water district


Like I said months ago, time for one water district. Let’s combine the knowledge of three water districts to have a future and a place to live on the mountain. Without water a few may not have water meters, but the rest may have them and no water to make them move. It’s time for this town to wake up and not do what they always do and wait till it concerns them. No one at meetings except a small group, and you’re allowing them to make you think they know what’s best for you.

Take the knowledge and experience with the combined money and equipment and make a water district that’s for everyone living on the mountain, not sections of the mountain.  Write your supervisors, LAFCO and demand it’s time we move into the future! Without it I’m predicting disaster.

Michael Freitas, Idyllwild

[Editor’s note: Mr. Freitas is a recent former director of Idyllwild Water District.]


  1. “You were appointed to fill a vacancy, [and] we are in dire straits to fill the Board,” Kunkle pleaded. “If we don’t have unanimous votes, one member can hold the Board captive.”

    Rockwell supported Kunkle’s proposal saying, “I want to fill the vacancies as soon as possible in order to move forward.”
    The last meeting I attended there was a vote to pass or not. There was two for it and Rockwell said Steve isn’t here and I didn’t know how he would vote so I’ll say Nay. Since they got in the board with their own agenda they said no to everything well st least Steve did and June just follows what he says. For instance We need to buy new equipment Steve says no we don’t we can keep fixing it like I have for years. Your just wasting money We fought that for a few months until the EPA told us you can’t use that equipment. We voted on it 3 yes and 2 no. Steve still said no and June again followed but their agenda did not allow yes for anything and keep the chaos going to stop the district from doing anything until they could get their group in and I have to admit that it worked.