If you knew my mother Zane, don’t be sad she passed away, be glad she’s no longer in pain.

She fell and broke her left shoulder and hip. Surgery was performed the following day, then pneumonia had its way.

Now, she’s in a wonderful world of Love and Light, as she reunites with many friends and loved ones, including all her rescue dogs!

She was always very proud of “thee Horne Cabin,” built on Strawberry Creek by her parents, Roy and Edith Horne, in the early 1950s. All were welcome there, and many sought the peace, love and understanding they knew they would find with her.

Mother colored the lives of everyone who knew her, including the art students she taught at Pioneer High School in Whittier. She brought imagination and creativity out of those who were not aware of the abilities and talents they held inside themselves.

She created me, and made me what I am today — healthy, happy, safe, loved and grateful that I have a lifetime of memories to cherish every day.

Smile when you think of my mother, Zane. Know she is smiling back at you, and imagine her holding her arms out to give you a huge hug!

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Idyllwild School smARTS program.

Kristy Baker, Idyllwild