I enjoyed Marshall Smith’s article “Laser show on Tahquitz.” He managed to list every point of view regarding the event — talk about fair and balanced. I will limit my comments.

Perhaps Mr. Fojtik is not aware that Native Americans did not fare well in the several hundred years of Western expansion in the U.S. Nor did they fare well in the 20th century.

The casinos that have been created by Native Americans all over the country provide jobs, healthcare, education, community support and all sorts of opportunities that did not exist prior to the casinos. To dismissively say “the [Native American] casinos make money from people with gambling addictions” speaks clearly to his lack of respect for the Cahuilla and Native Americans in general.

And comparing people going into nature and climbing Tahquitz Peak to a laser light show is just silly. Mr. Fojtik admitted that the consultation within the Idyllwild community and the Native American tribal community could have been done more thoroughly. All I remember is a sign went up at The Fort saying “Laser Light Show, July 4th.”

Peter Davison