Now that we have all expressed our various opinions about a laser light show on Tahquitz Rock, done in the memory of a deceased wife, and lasted only an hour, we now have something of much greater importance upon which to focus our attention.

At the present time, a third marijuana store is scheduled to arrive in Idyllwild. I can understand the need for one medical marijuana shop in support of those people who really do need it, as prescribed by their doctor, but who  are unable to drive to the valley to obtain it.  However, do we need two, let alone three?

Then we add the combination of a tattoo parlor along with a third marijuana store and Idyllwild takes on a whole new image.

In checking with law enforcement and county Code Enforcement, marijuana shops are illegal in Idyllwild because this is an unincorporated area. However, even though marijuana shops are illegal, we currently have two of them in Idyllwild and are soon to have three.

If you are even somewhat concerned, please contact Supervising Code Enforcement Officer Marr Christian at 951-791-3900. Tattoo parlors and marijuana stores are not the reason I moved here and it is certainly not the image I want for our lovely town of Idyllwild.

   Janet Reynolds



  1. My profile:
    I don’t like tattoos on “MY BODY” and I don’t like seeing them on others.
    I don’t smoke marijuana and I don’t enjoy the company of all smokers.

    My political views:
    Someone else’s tattoo is none of my business.
    Someone else smoking marijuana is none of my business.
    I strongly believe in individual freedom, so long as it does not infringe on mine.

    What is the harm done to society when someone gets a tattoo?
    What is the harm done to society when someone smokes marijuana?

    Marijuana is federally illegal, and that’s between the smoke shop, the smoker and the law enforcement. It’s none of my business (although I maintain that I don’t like seeing tattoos or seeing drug scene).

    I feel strongly AGAINST imposing my preferences on others. I like my preferences, they’re mine. I’m attached to my preferences, but I restrain myself from being a dictator.

    Meth harms the community. I’m opposed to meth junkies.
    I hate peanut butter, none of my business to impose a PB ban on you.

    Individual freedom must reign supreme.
    The Amish live in Pennsylvania not Idyllwild.