Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF family members were perplexed by the slowdown in adoptions.


Panther: I need to show all of you my new headshot.

Indigo: Headshot? For what?

Panther:  For sharing with humans who love cats, that’s



Topsy: It’s beautiful! You look great!

Panther: As I should. I’ve lost 4.2 pounds, and I’m looking fabulous.


Jax: Congratulations. Hey! Who is this little black kitten with white feet?

Zoe:  That’s Figaro.

Figaro: (entering office) Hi! I’m Topsy’s sister, and I’ve been told I’m very adorable.

Mr. Gray: You kinda look like Geppetto’s cat. Guess that’s how you got your name.

Figaro: Yep. A lot of people liked me last weekend. We were at the mini-adoption fair in town.


Topsy: Lots of attention, but we are still here.

Zoe: I’m sorry. All of you kittens should be adopted by now, as should we dogs.

Jax: But did you hear that ARF got a new dog on Thursday, and it was adopted on Saturday?

Topsy: Wow. Some have all the luck.

Mr. Gray

Freda: Seriously. I’m just as awesome as that little girl who was adopted. My foster says I’m the perfect pet.

Mr. Gray: What makes you so perfect?

Freda: I’m very quiet and house-trained, I use a doggy door, like


other dogs, and do well with cats. I don’t require constant attention, but I love to snuggle.  How’s that for starters?

Sadie: That is good! ARF certainly has a lot of very adoptable dogs and cats.

Topsy: We’re just waiting for the perfect human to come through those doors.

Sadie:  Maybe it’ll happen this weekend.

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