Sedona & kittens

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats met Al the dog.

Little Girl:  Another busy week!

Indigo: OK, we’re ready. Give us the 4-1-1.

Little Girl: If you recall, we have Taz, the sweetest senior min-pin you’ve ever met, and Al, the Chocolate Lab-mix. We also now have a sweet girl named Winter, a pit-something-mix. All three dogs are house trained, good with other dogs, and very, very affectionate. Winter is maybe 3 to 4 years old.

Al: You talking about me?

Winter: And me? Oh, and little Taz is here, too.

Little Girl:  Hi, guys!  Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?


Al: Last week you said I’m about 3 years old, but really, I’m maybe only a little over a year old.


Taz: I like cats and dogs, and I’m 10. I am very quiet as my former guardian had me de-barked.

Little Girl: Oh, I’m sorry. That must be frustrating for you.

Winter: I was left behind when my guardian moved. I am a very affectionate girl, and I like other dogs, too!

Little Girl: So nice to have you all here, especially because I have great news!

Winter: Do tell.

Little Girl: Our new cat Sedona had her kittens last Friday night!!

Mr. Gray: Oh boy!  Kittens!

Little Girl: Five beauties. Three are “gingers,” you know, orange. The other two are gray.  Three girls, two boys.

Taz: Oh my, kittens. They are so sweet.

Little Girl: And they will be ready for their forever families in about eight weeks.

Indigo:  May people put in applications for adoption before then?

Little Girl: You bet!

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