Last week in Days of Our Nine Lives, the ARF cats learned of all the new adoptions.
Stevie: Everyone get in here. We are going to have some fun!
Whiskers: I’m up for that.
Stevie: Good, because we are playing a few rounds of cat trivia.
Pepper: What does the winner get?
Stevie: The winner will get the satisfaction of knowing the most.
Pepper: I thought maybe the prize was a forever family. Oh well, let’s play.
Stevie: Question number one: What percentage of time does the average cat spend grooming itself each day?
Whiskers: Lots!! I’ll say about 40%.
Stevie: Correct! It is from 30 to 50%. Next question: Just how fast can a cat run?
Whiskers: I have heard that the average feline can run 30 mph. That’s pretty fast!
Lulu: My turn! When was the first cat show held?
Pepper: It was 1871 in London. I guess we cats have real staying power. People have loved us for a long time.
Whiskers: It’s lightning round! Why is adopting a cat good for a human?
Stevie: It is good because cats can reduce loneliness to those who live on their own, plus having to feed and groom a cat can lend routine to the day and help restructure life.
Pepper: How is having a cat in the home good for children?
Lulu: Cats can help children learn about caring for animals, social skills and routines — especially if they help out at kitty’s feeding time.
Whiskers: Just one more. How is cat adoption a good way to save money?
Pepper: Buying a cat from a breeder or a pet store can be costly, and the guardian still has to pay for neutering/spaying and vaccinations. ARF provides all this at a single cost, as their priority is safely re-homing their precious pets.
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