Mr. Gray

By Janice Murasko

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” Panther and Little Girl talked about their perfect forever homes.

Little Girl: It looks as if the puppies, Frankie and Grace, might have found forever homes.        

Indigo: Really? That’s great. Are they in trial adoptions?


Little Girl: They are, and so far, so good. I am keeping my toes crossed.

Panther: Little Girl, tell me about this new cat.

Mr. Gray: Yeah. She’s really cute.

Little Girl: Her name is Kahlessi, and she’s only about a year old.

Mr. Gray: She is very playful, and she just loves the humans.

Little Girl: No kidding. She’s going to find a forever home pretty fast.

Little Girl

Panther: Will there be a little competition going on here? Little Girl, Kahlessi and I are going to trip over ourselves warming up to any human who comes to visit.

Little Girl: Could be. On another note, did you hear about the new ARF dog, Shay?

Indigo:  Tell us!

Little Girl: Shay is a wonderful boy, probably between 1 and 2 years old.      

Panther: What breed?

Little Girl: Adorable! But if you really need to tack a breed to him, ARF humans are guessing maybe Aussie and Lab. They’re not sure, but they are sure he is very friendly with humans and seems to be good with dogs. 


Panther: How about with us felines?

Little Girl: They don’t know. It seems every person who meets him really, really likes him. 

Mr. Gray: So what kind of home does he need?

Little Girl: I bet he’d like a human to take him on walks and hikes. He would also like someone who will give him love and affection, just as he will give to them.

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