Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats recited original holiday poems.


Terra: Hey guys! I know we’ve celebrated Mr. Gray’s adoption and I know I have another reason for us to celebrate. 

Bear: Another adoption? Don’t keep us in suspense!     

Terra: Tillie found a home forever! 

Zeus: That is fantastic.

Sadie: All the puppies, except for one, have gone to their forever homes. The last one will leave the foster on Dec. 27.  

Heavenly Whiskers

Thomas: This is all such great news. I guess the rest of us will have a quiet holiday celebration here at the ARF House. 

Sadie: It might be quiet, but it will be nice.

Thomas: You’re right, Sadie. We are safe and warm here, and we get lots of love from the ARF humans. 

Sadie: Maybe we will get a special meal.


Zeus: We probably will. The humans  of this mountain have been so kind and generous. They have been filling and refilling the ARF donation bucket at the Fairway Market.

Whiskers: ARF has been getting all the things it needs to keep us well-fed and cared for. 

Terra: On another note, we will be getting another litter of kittens here in a few weeks.  

Bear: More? But we still have Angus and Anita. Those two cuties are still waiting for their perfect forever families. It would be so great if they were adopted together. They play with each other so well and then they cuddle up to sleep. 

Terra:It’s too bad those babies will be here for Christmas. 

Whiskers: But maybe they will celebrate the New Year with forever homes. It will be good to have them with families before the next litter arrives.

Bear: We all know what we want. I want to wish everyone on the mountain the very best holidays yet. 

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