Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” Panther and Little Girl learned about ARF’s new dog, Shay.

Little Girl: It’s time for everyone to meet Shay, ARF’s newest canine family member.


Khalessi: How exciting. Look, here he is!

Shay: (enters the room) Hello everyone! I’m Shay, and I’m here to find my forever home.

Panther: So am I!

Mr. Gray: Me, too!

Little Girl: Welcome, Shay.  Tell us about yourself.

Shay: I was found near Garner Valley, and no one ever came looking for me. My foster can’t hold onto me for very long, so I need a home ASAP.

Little Girl: Uh, oh. I hope a family steps up soon.

Shay: I would be such a good hiking partner, and I love to play. I think those qualities would be very desirable, especially in a mountain community.


Little Girl: Absolutely! How old are you?

Shay: Between 1 and 2, I think.

Little Girl: Have you met ARF’s kittens? They were all spoken for, but one human had to give up her right

Mr. Gray

to adopt, so we have at least one kitten available.

Panther: When are the kittens ready to go to a forever home?

Little Girl: In just a few weeks. Anyone interested needs to submit an application right away.

Khalessi: Kittens are adopted quickly because they are so cute. But you know, I’m really young and have many kitten-like qualities.

Little Girl: You really do! And you are so friendly to everyone.

Mr. Gray: I bet you’ll be adopted in no time.

Little Girl: We all should be. We just need to be given a chance!

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