Mike Holato of Town Hall gave this report on Youth Baseball:

(Note: Players of the game (POG) for both teams receive a game ball after each game.)


Earth ’N Fire Giants and Muirs Mountain Dodgers played another thrilling game. Players of the game for the Giants were Glenn McIntyre and Isaiah McCaughey. Dodgers stars were Jude Olivier and Violet Jackson.


Orion Golinson and Chase Potter received game balls in their win over the A’s 9-2. Tayr White and Gaige Schnalzer earned game balls for the A’s.

The Blue Jays defeated the A’s 22-8 behind POGs River Fernandes and Rory Lovett-Jensen. A’s Dominic Rivera-Sandin and Noah McCaughey were POGs Let’s give credit to the A’s for playing a double header (not an easy task).

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Mountain Mechanical Red Sox 5 1 0

American Legion Braves 4 2 0

Idyllwild Shell Blue Jays 4 3 0

Idyllwild Automotive A’s 0 7 0


The Dodgers scored 2 in the bottom on the fourth to beat the Red Sox 2-1. The Red Sox’s POGs were Indigo Dagnall (great pitching) and Layton Teeguarden (great defense).

The Dodgers’ POGs were Logan Wilkerson and Lorelei Nowell.  The Giants shut out the Blue Jays 3-0 with Traves Rocha and Tagan Brown receiving game balls. Blue Jays Jaysen Arreola and Sophia Dillon received game balls, too.

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Golden Nugget Giants 5 1 0

Town Real Estate Blue Jays 3 3 0

Pino Tree Service Red Sox 2 4 0

Ridgeline Roofing Dodgers 2 4 0