Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats met dogs Cinnamon and Toto.
Stevie: More news!
Whiskers: Great! This is exciting. Please tell.
Stevie: We have another fellow feline joining us. His name is Phil, and here he is.,
Phil: (entering the room, followed by Toto) Whazzup? I’m Phil.
Stevie: Hey, Phil! You are a good-looking guy. How old are you?
Phil: The veterinarian guesses I’m about 6 years, but not even I am certain. I’m a little scared right now, but I am happy to be here.
Cinnamon: Hi, Phil. I’m Cinnamon, and just as you are, I’m looking for a forever home. I’d really like to be adopted with Toto, however. We’ve been together all our lives.
Don: How long is that, Cinnamon?
Toto: It’s been about 2 ½ years.
Pepper: Have you two decided if you like us cats?
Cinnamon: You know, we really don’t mind you.
Toto: Yeah, we could co-exist.
Don: Well, you two certainly are cute. And I watched you interact with people today. You’re very friendly.
Toto: I just love to play with Cinnamon, but to be honest I really want attention from humans.
Cinnamon: Kind of like Don. You are quite the schmoozer.
Whiskers: Cinnamon, when do you and Toto expect to be adopted?
Cinnamon: Hopefully this weekend. We will meet people on Saturday.
Toto: We met people last weekend, but we didn’t find the perfect fit.
Stevie: Hopefully you will in a few days!
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