Town Hall Sports Coordinator Michael Holato gave this report on Youth Soccer. Below are the scores, standings and players of the game for Town Hall Youth Soccer.

 Ages 4-6

Kayson Adams and Owen Castro scored goals for Idyllwild Garage Yellow Jackets and Johnny Aronson played well for Ferro Woodland Warrior in their game. Audry Roman scored a goal for Idyllwild Shell Knights and Zakei Williams was outstanding for Village Market Wiggle Worms.

Defense again dominated the game between Idyllwild Garage Yellow Jackets and Village

Here, the Galaxy move the ball downfield as the Rockets play a tough defense.
Photo by Jenny Kirchner

Market Wiggle Worms. There were no goals scored in the game as Selena Esparza and Jacqueline Lopez of the Yellow Jackets, and Bon Donovan and Emily Jones of Wiggle Worms were stars for both their teams. Ian Castro scored the only goal in the game for Idyllwild Shell Knights against Ferro Woodland Warriors. Danielle Rodriquez was star of the game for Woodland Warriors.

Ages 7-9

Behind 2 goals from Indigo Dagnall and Darius Esparza, Forest Realty Idyllwild Stars defeated Patty Perez Rockets 4-0. Lucy Newman played well for the Rockets in the defeat. Crazy Train Pub & Grill Galaxy defeated American Legion Tornadoes 1-0 on a late goal from Ethan Castro and awesome goal tending from Jackson Taylor. Zackary Mason of the Tornadoes was outstanding in the net.

Jackson Taylor scored a second half goal in Crazy Train Pub & Grill’s Galaxy 1-0 victory over Patty Perez Rockets. American Legion Tornadoes’ outstanding defense held the high-powered offense of Forest Realty Idyllwild Stars to no goals in a 0-0 tie. Aiden Pritchett of the Tornadoes was fantastic in the nets as were Noah Logan and Noah McCaughey of the Tornadoes in the defensive end. Fantastic team defense by the Tornadoes.

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Idyllwild Stars201

Galaxy 2 1 0

Tornadoes 1 1 1

Rockets 0 3 0

Ages 10-14

The second game of the year also ended in a tie. Christofer Cerritos scored a goal in the first half for Idyllwild Brew Pub Blue Stars for a 1-0 lead. Cody Fogle of Muir’s Mountain Green Hornets tied the game with his goal in the second half. Both teams again played superb defense in this 1-1 tie.

Another tie in the division was not a surprise as these teams are evenly matched. Mountain Muir’s Green Hornets Cody centered a beautiful pass to Zachariah Russo for the first goal of the game. Idyllwild Blue Stars Christofer scored later on a rebound to tie the game at 1-1.

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Blue Stars 0 0 3

Green Hornets 0 0 3

On Friday afternoon, Idyllwild Youth Soccer games were the ages 7- to 9-year-old division. Here, the Tornadoes and the Idyllwild Stars battle for the win.
Photo by Jenny Kirchner