Robert Lewis, Town Hall recreation director, gave this report on Town Hall Youth Basketball.

Division 1 (ages 6-9)
On Friday, Feb. 15, the American Legion Lakers played the Idyology Celtics. Miles Seacrest played great for the Celtics with 2 points and played good defense. Kaylee Gage had 6 points for the Lakers as they beat the Celtics 20-3.
The second game saw the Village Market Clippers against the Idyllwild Pizza Co. Raptors. Dane Knight had 2 points for the Clippers. The Raptors countered back with 6 points from Tristian Bilecky as the Raptors beat the Clippers 17-7.

Standings Wins Losses
Idyllwild Pizza Co. Raptors 7 1
American Legion Lakers 4 4
Idyology Celtics 3 5
Village Market Clippers 2 6

The playoffs are Tuesday, Feb. 26, with the Village Market Clippers vs Idyllwild Pizza Co. Raptors playing at 5 p.m. and the Idyology Celtics vs American Legion Lakers at 6 p.m.

Division 2 (ages 10-13)
On Friday, Feb. 15, the Acumen Tree Service Warriors hosted the Higher Grounds Coffee House Lakers. Zane Booth had a good game with the Lakers with good defense and hustle. Dominic Esparza had a good game for the Warriors with 3 points as the Warriors beat the Lakers 24-16.
In the second game, the Idyology Kings played the Fairway Market Rockets. Alexis Rackley had a good game for the Kings with her hustle and rebounding. Cameron Gage had 4 points for the Rockets as they defeated the Kings 24-18.

Standings Wins Losses
Fairway Market Rockets 6 2
Higher Grounds
Coffee House Lakers 5 3
Acumen Tree Service Warriors 3 5
Idyology Kings 2 6

Playoffs are Thursday, Feb. 28, with Idyology Kings vs Fairway Market Rockets at 5 p.m. and Acumen Tree Service Warriors vs Higher Grounds Coffee House Lakers at 6 p.m.