Heavenly Whiskers

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats visited with Hurley, a recent ARF adoptee.
Pepper: Hey fellow felines! Have you heard? We have another new cat and we also have her newly born litter.
Whiskers: I thought I heard some soft meows.
Sadie: She was here only a few days before giving birth. The ARF folks think there are three males and two females. The girls are a calico and a tabby. The boys are black and black with white.
Whiskers: We will have them around for a couple of months, then they will be ready to join their forever families.
Pepper: That’s right, and in a few weeks, people may meet them and submit applications.
Lulu: You know, one of ARF’s kittens who was adopted earlier this year stopped by to share her story.
Pepper: Oh yes! I saw Lila in here. What did she say?
Lulu: She said that her “mom and dad” say she is a blessing for them in many ways. Her mom said that Lila is a natural alarm clock, making certain everyone is out of bed by 7:30 a.m. If her mom doesn’t get up, she jumps on her chest until she does!
Sadie: That’s funny.
Lulu: Lila also has helped by playing with her sibling, Mars. They have become inseparable.
Pepper: I heard that Lila is a great lap warmer. She also makes certain that her parents take breaks to spend time with her. They are hard workers and need to be reminded to relax every so often.
Lulu: Lila’s story is a great reminder of how cats can be such an important part of a family.
Whiskers: You’ve got that right, Lulu. And now, ARF has a sweet mama cat and her babies, soon ready to be important members of forever families.
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