Black Knight No. 6 Layton Teeguarden kicks the ball into Green Hornet territory backed by teammate Breanna Sheppard, No. 7, as Green Hornet Sylvan Campbell gives chase and Black Knight Maraja Kelly covers her area. The hard fought-game ended in a tie. Photo by Cid Castillo

Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Youth Soccer. The youth soccer season kicked off Saturday, Sept. 24 at Idyllwild school.

Minor League (ages 4-5)
Idyllwild Heating and Cooling Bobcats took on the La Casita Ravens. In an exciting game for all the kids, Ember Campbell hustled all over the field and played great for the Bobcats. Lyliann Johnston, playing her first soccer game, ran all over the field and played great for the Ravens.

In Saturday’s second game, the American Legion Hurricanes took on the Café Aroma Galaxy. Silas Tiso, playing his first soccer game, defended well and had big kicks. Bailey Alverez played her first game and hustled all around the field for the Hurricanes.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, the Idyllwild Heating and Cooling Bobcats took on the American Legion Hurricanes. Seth White was super aggressive going after the ball and played great for the Bobcats and Caleb Alverez had a great game scoring a couple goals for the Hurricanes in an exciting game.

In the second game, the La Casita Ravens went against the Café Aroma Galaxy. Ethan Sheppard led the charge for the Ravens as he hustled all over the field. Ryder Dittmann, of the Galaxy, played great, ran all over the field and had a some great kicks.

Major League (ages 6-7)
The Major League’s season kicked off with the Sacco Dining Wolverines taking on the Green Machine. The Green Machine took control as Johnny Fuentes scored a couple early goals and Fatima Guzman played great defense. Alexandra O’Neil and Ruby Mckellar hustled all over the field for the Wolverines. The Green Machine’s defense prevented any comeback and they won 3-0.

On Monday, Sept. 26, the Sacco Dining Wolverines took on the Arriba Black Knights, who were playing their first game of the season. The Black Knights hustled all over the field. Cody Fogle scored an early goal for the Wolverines, who earned their first victory, 2-1, over the Black Knights.

On Thursday, Arriba Black Knights faced the Green Hornets. Katelyn Sonnier kicked the ball all over the field. The Black Knights played great team defense throughout the game. Near the end and behind by one goal, the Black Knights’ Breanna Sheppard got clear and knocked in the tying goal. The hard fought and exciting game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Pro League (ages 8-11)
This is the first year for this age group league.

In a great opening day game, featuring the Pacific Slope Tsunami’s taking on the Flame Throwers, Noah Rutherford helped the Tsunami’s to a good start by scoring an early goal. Cody Espinoza played awesomely for the Flame Throwers scoring a goal and keeping his team close. In the end the Tsunami’s won 3-2.

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, the Pro League Pacific Slope Tsunami’s took on the Drs. Dunn & Dunn Orange Crush, who were playing their first game. The Tsunami’s Jeremiah Whitney played great while dribbling the ball all over the field. Nicole Cochrane scored the first goal of the season for the Orange Crush, who went on to win their first game of the season 3-1.