Ninja Strikers in red push the ball hard down field to score another goal against the Raging Rivers. Ninjas 6 to 1. Photo by Careena Chase

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Youth Soccer, which began its season the week of Oct. 1.


5 and Under Division
Saturday, Sept. 29 was a busy day for youth soccer. In the 5U Division, Idyllwild Professional Cleaning Service Ninja Strikers met the Arriba’s Bobcats. The Ninja Strikers’ Kevin Perez played awesome and great defense. Chloe Cochrane played super for the Bobcats. She aggressively went after the ball and had several nice kicks.

The second game was pitted the Rotary Raging Rivers and the American Legion Wolves. The Raging Rivers Lyliann Johnston was force all game as she ran from one end of the field to the other all game. The Wolves’ Meili Stroud blocked many shots for her team.

On Thursday, the Arriba’s Bobcats played the American Legion Wolves. The Bobcat’s Abbey White played great, kicking the ball all over the field. The Wolves’ Griffin Kretsinger was blocking shots all over.

Joseph Tiso playing for The Falcons goes for the goal on Tuesday afternoon during Town Hall Youth Soccer U11 Division game at Idyllwild School. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

Thursday’s second game was between the Rotary Raging Rivers and the Idyllwild Professional Cleaning Service Ninja Strikers. Ashtyn Gaceta for the Ninja Strikers and Kaelynn Johnston for the Raging Rivers were stars for their teams, aggressively going after the ball all game.


8 and Under Division
Saturday kicked off the start of a busy week for the 8U division. The Café Aroma Blizzards met the Pino Tree Service Kryptonite. The Blizzards’ goalie Lance George played great stopping shot after shot. Katelyn Sonnier played super both in the field as well as goalie. The Blizzards scored a goal in the first half and then tacked on another in the second half and won 2-0.

The second game pitted the La Casita Dragon Slayers and the Sacco Dining Idyl Beasts. The Dragon Slayers scored twice in the first five minutes of the game. Lilliana Sorensen played great defense for the Dragon Slayers helping keep the ball on the Idyl Beasts’ side of the field. Mason Dunn and Revin Muir played great for the Idyll Beasts despite the heat. The Dragon Slayers were too tough on this day and won 5-0.

Jordan Gates (green) of the Kryptonites bings the ball down field with Layton Teeguarden leading the Idyllbeasts in red. Photo by Careena Chase

On Monday, Oct 1, the Pino Tree Service Kryptonite took on the La Casita Dragon Slayers. The Dragon Slayers continued their strong play. Reese Whitney scored one the Dragon Slayers’ goals. Colby Sonnier played great for the Kryptonite as he got a couple good shots on goal. The Dragon Slayers won the game 4-0.


The second game matched the Sacco Dining Idyl Beasts and the Café Aroma Blizzards, who scored a couple early goals. The Blizzards’ Fernando Maldanado played hard all game for as they built their lead. The Idyl Beasts never gave up as Lucas Odum played hard all game. The Dragon Slayers won 5-0.

On Thursday, Oct. 4, the La Casita Dragon Slayers played the Café Aroma Blizzards. Blizzard teammaatess Rene Montoya and Ryder Dittmann played awesome and were on the attack the whole game. The Dragon Slayers were tough and scored early goals. Dragon Slayer teammates Andrea Maldanado and Alexandria O’Neal provided great defense, which helped the undefeated Dragon Slayerswin 6-1.

The second Thursday game was between the Pino Tree Service Kryptonite and the Sacco Dining Idyl Beasts. Both teams played super defense all game as the first half ended scoreless. In the second half, both Brody Posey and Michael Stroud had great saves as goalies to keep the game scoreless. The Kryptonite’s Shasta Gurling and Preston Pino played great defense in the second half, resulting in 0-0 tie game.

11 and Under Division
Saturday’s game was between the Dr. Dunn and Dunn Oompa Loompas and the Ninjas, who got off to a great start as Kevin Posey scored one of his two goals. The Oompa Loompas’ Levi Sorensen played great on defense. But the Ninjas were tough and won 5-1.

On Tuesday, Oct 2, the Ninjas played the Roby Gray Construction Falcons. The Ninjas stayed hot and got off to a great start again. Toby Posey and Jake Carlson played awesome for the Ninjas at both ends of the field. Henry Mendoza played great for the Falcons both as goalie and in the field. The Ninjas won 5-0.

In Friday’s game, the Roby Gray Construction Falcons met Dr. Dunn and Dunn Oompa Loompas. The game was close much of the way as Dilyn Reingart for the Oompa Loompas and Sarai Manchester for the Falcons were all over the field for their teams. The Falcons scored a couple second half goals and won 3-1.

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