Blue Devil No. 2, Michael Stroud is besieged by orange-clad Gators, from left, Cole Sonnier, Reese Whitney, Lucy Tate, and No.11, Katelyn Sonnier. Blue Devil Aiden McLean waits for a pass in the background. Idyllwild’s Youth Basketball Program is conducted by Town Hall and games are played at Idyllwild School. Photo by Cid Castillo`

Three Wildcats, No. 12, Gracie McKimson, next to Levi Davis and Timmy Lowe who has his hands on the ball, surround Wolverine Mecino Reynosa in a hard-fought game played at Idyllwild School on Friday, Jan. 6. Wolverines coming to assist are Brody Posey, far left, and No. 10, Layton Teeguarden, far right, with Ethan Teeguarden, background. Two Wildcats waiting for the steal and a pass are No. 3 Cody Fogle and Oden Johnston at right.
Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on youth basketball for both the kindergarten through third-grade division and the third- through sixth-grade division.

Thanks to all the kids on a great opening night of basketball.

Kindergarten through third-grade division
On Friday Jan. 6, the college league got their season started with a pair of games. Friday night’s basketball games were a blast. Everybody played hard and had a lot of fun.

The Gators got big baskets in the first half from Reese Whitney, who helped bring his team to the lead. Breana Sheppard scored a big basket to get the Blue Devils close, but the Gators went on to win 8-5 in a defensive battle: Gators 8 (Preston 4, Reese 4); Blue Devils 5 (Breana 2, Fiona 2, Michael 1).

In the second game, the Idyllwild Vacation Rentals Wolverines took on the Wildcats. The Wildcats’ Cody Fogle and the Wolverines’ Ethan Teeguarden led their teams in a high scoring game. Both teams played great, but the Wildcats came away with a 17-11 win: Wildcats 17 (Cody 12, Gracie 5); Wolverines 11 (Ethan 9, Layton 2).

Third- through sixth-grade division
On Tuesday Jan. 3, the pro’s league got the basketball season going. Five teams compose the league and the first night saw four start the season great. Both games were close competative games and we look forward to a great season. The first game was be tween the Fairway Market Lakers and the Idyllwild Automotive Grizzlies. Both teams played solid defense the whole game.

The Lakers built a lead in the second half as Isaiah Carmen led the charge with some key baskets. Zach Fogle made a couple of big baskets late and the Grizzlies got to within a point, but the Lakers held on for a one point win: Lakers 17 (Isaiah 12, Stephan 3, Jeremiah 2); Grizzlies 16 (Zach 12, Ali 2, Maggie 2).

The second game matched the Pino Tree Service Heat and the Cavs. Like the first game, both teams played solid defense early. Fernando Lopez’s key baskets helped the Heat take the lead in the second half. Carmen Pratt had some big baskets to help the Cavs keep the game close late in the game. In the end, the Heat held on to win 17-12: Heat 17 (Jake 6, Fernando 5, Miren 4, Kevin 2); Cavs 12 (Garrett 6, Carmen 4, Payton 2).

On Friday, Jan 6, the pro’s league played a pair of games. This was the second night of games for 3 of the 4 teams. Like Tuesday’s games both games were close and competative.

The first game saw the Town Crier Clippers play their first game as they took on the Fairway Market Lakers. The Lakers got going early as Pierce Pramuka got a big rebound and basket to build an early lead. Nichole Cochrane got a big basket in the second half to get the Clippers close, but in the end the Lakers won their second consecutive game 18-10: Lakers 18 (Isaiah 12, Stephan 4, Pierce 2); Clippers 10 (Chayton 8, Nichole 2).

The second game saw the Pino Tree Service Heat take on the Idyllwild Automotive Grizzlies. The Heat kept the presure on all game as Jake Mabery played great and scored 12 points. Ali Fogle played awsome scoring 8 points for the Grizzlies to keep them close but in the end the Heat went on to win their second game of the season: Heat 16 (Jake 12, Fernando 3, Kevin 1); Grizzlies 12 (Ali 8, Zach 4).

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