Santa is checking his list of animal shelter babies, and he knows who is nice. They all are! Freya, now known as Freda went on a sleepover and never returned. Well, just to visit. She now sports her Christmas harness, and is the love of her human’s life. Guido is now Alfie, and quickly learned the way to melt his human’s hearts. Paws up Alfie. Merry Christmas from ARF to both.

Meet Candy Cane. She is a young Chihuahua mix that is as sweet as her name. Her requests are simple. She loves to walk, and would be happy with a small lap dog like herself to have fun with. Cute as a button with one ear up, her auburn coat and speckled paws will melt your heart.

Oreo Cookie anyone? His people packed up, threw the furniture and this young Chihuahua mix out the door and walked away. Such a brave young soul, with no blanket or food, he finally made his way to the ARF angels. With tail tucked, he hid in a crate for two days. Familiar friendly voices and a gentle touch finally made him trust again and smile. Oreo loves to walk, dances when he sees his bowl, loves to play with small dogs, and loves the sun.

Mimi is a young female chocolate Burmese/Siamese mix. Very affectionate, not vocal, and still likes to play a bit.

Carly and Sadie are identical twin sisters. Often we find them wrapped in each others’ arms as they were at birth. They would love a quiet home together.

ARF has many cats and dogs available for adoption or fostering. Go to and click on Petfinder. All pets are spayed, neutered, and current on shots. ARF is open 10 a.m.-
4 p.m. Saturdays and 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Sundays. Call (951) 659-1122 or email [email protected] for appointment on any other day.

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