Town Hall Director Bob Lewis gave this report on recent Adult Coed Softball games.

On Monday, July 25, Pacific Slope knocked out Ajax in a close 7-6 game. Patty Perez beat Forest Lumber 12-10.

On Tuesday, July 26, Creekstone Inn beat Ajax 10-8, and Pacific Slope overpowered Forest Lumber 19-10.

On Wednesday, July 27, Creekstone beat Patty Perez 13-10, and Pacific Slope beat Patty 15-7.

On Thursday, July 28, Creekstone beat Forest 8-2.

On Friday, July 29, Pacific beat Creekstone 17-4 and Patty beat Forest 10-6.


Wins        Losses

Pacific Slope 10               2

Creekstone Inn          7 5

Ajax                            4                6

Forest Lumber   4               7

Patty Perez                   3 8

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