Creekstone Inn’s Josh White throws to first for an attempted out as Patty Perez’s Damien Yawman runs to second in the final Town Hall Adult Coed Softball game. Photo by Dante Yardas

Idyllwild Town Crier Correspondent Dante Yardas gave this report on the recent Town Hall Adult Coed Softball championship game.

Idyllwild’s Town Hall Coed Softball championship premiered Wednesday, Sept. 5, and ended Friday between Creekstone Inn and Patty Perez Cleaning. In the first game, Creekstone Inn beat Patty Perez with a score of 8-4, but Patty Perez overwhelmed them in the second game with a score of 27-3, and finished off 12-5 in the last game.

In the first game, both teams did not score any early runs. Good plays include: Patty Perez Cleaning hit a ball toward right field, which outfielder Jason Sonnier caught. In turn, Patty Perez’s team hit a fly ball that was stopped by Derek Ellington in leftfield. At the end of the game, Patty Perez scored 3 runs, but Creekstone Inn prevented them from catching up.

The next game was a victory for Patty Perez Cleaning. In the first inning, Creekstone Inn scored three runs, but Patty Perez went ahead by six runs. After that play, Patty Perez had four home runs and many RBIs, many by Steve Pimentel (or “Steve Panda”, as the team called him). In addition, they played a great defense, and held Creekstone Inn scoreless after the first inning.

During the tiebreaker game, Creekstone Inn regained some of its prowess and scored 5 runs in three innings. Dawn Sonnier on first base stopped many runners. Also, Coach Bo Dagnall hit a triple and scored 2 runs for his team. However, Patty Perez still held its game and Creekstone Inn never caught up.

“It was a challenge for us,” said Kadeem Perez, coach of the Patty Perez team. “And that challenge was to play against them in the championship. The Creekstone Inn is a very competitive team.”

Perez continued, “The first year we lost every single game for the first year. We’ve been struggling for so long, and to finally accomplish something, it just means so much to us. Every night it’s something I put on myself, to win a game, and to realize that we’re winning, it makes me feel really good.”

Dagnall said, “We had great defense. Half of this team has played together for a long time. They knew each other’s habits and strengths.”

“But we should practice more,” he said. “Because half of this team is new this year, a little practice will improve us. Some of the team is also playing in this weekend’s softball tournament.”

The Idyllwild Adult softball games will start again next year in July.

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Mike Holato reported:

Game one: Creekstone Inn defeated Patty Perez 8-4.

Game two:  Patty Perez trounced Creekstone 27-3.

Game three: Patty Perez beat Creekstone 12-5.

Town Hall soccer season starts Monday, Sept 10.

Patty Perez Cleaning took the championship in the Town Hall Adult Coed Softball games last Friday, beating Creekstone Inn. Standing (from left) are Steve Pimentel holding a fan, Aurelio Perez, Daniel Pimentel, Damien Yawman, Celiese Yawman, Edgar Santiago, Derek Ellingson, Rene Montoya, Candy Castro holding another fan, Coach Kadeem Perez and sponsor Patty Perez. Kneeling (from left) are Athziri Aceves and Lupita Montoya. Photo by Dante Yardas