I recently learned about the Nature Center’s so-called “volunteer” who is attempting to get rid of Sunny, the center’s beloved house cat.

Sunny presents no public-safety issues, as alleged. In fact, it’s just the opposite. She serves an important role as head mouser and has been doing so for at least five years. She also acts as an ambassador and greeter for the center. She is deeply loved by the staff, visitors of all ages and residents of Idyllwild. The center is her home.

If you read the newspaper or get your news via the Internet, you can’t help but see story after story about cat cafes and cat libraries. Some animal shelters are now even renting kittens. Why? Because they are wonderful creatures who bring joy to people’s lives. Remember, the mayor of Idyllwild is a dog.

I simply cannot believe that anyone would allow this “volunteer” to dictate how the Nature Center should be run. What a horrible precedent this sets. What’s next? The desert tortoises or the gopher snake must go because she also finds them offensive?

If you want to save Sunny, please write Keith Herron ([email protected]) or Margie Valdez ([email protected]) and let them know how you feel.

Chris Martin