Is it Pine Cove or Barking Cove? I have two guys who like to come up to Pine Cove from San Bernardino to have some quality quiet time together.

Unfortunately, they have two little dogs the size of a cat who bark constantly. When asked if they could please control the barking, their answer was that the dogs only bark when they are hungry, hear something or see something. What an amazing answer.

Two houses on the left of me also have two of the same kind of dogs. All I hear is yapping all day and night long. Across the street and to the right is another yapper of the same breed.

What is it about Pine Cove and these little dogs? These people have absolutely no respect for others.

Forget about code enforcement, that’s another headache. [This is] noise pollution at its finest.

Mike Franich
Pine Cove and Palos Verdes Estates