On Friday afternoon, Oct. 13, these kids showed no mercy as soccer balls went flying through the air.
Photo by Jenny Kirchner

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Michael Holato gave this report on Youth Soccer. Below are the scores, standings and players of the game for Town Hall Youth Soccer. For the 4 to 6 year olds we are only doing player of the game.

 Ages 4-6

In another really close defensive battle of 4- to 6-year-olds, William Archer scored a goal for the Idyllwild Shell Bears. Ruby Adams scored the only goal for the Ferro Lightning Bolts. The Village Market Avengers had one goal from Angel and two goals from Dominic Rivera-Sandin, one from an exciting penalty kick.

The Idyllwild Automotive Spinjitsu had goals from Ethan Caster and an exciting penalty kick goal from Luke Oliver. Idyllwild Automotive Spinjitsu’s Ethan scored two goals against the Ferro Lightning Bolts. Idyllwild Shell Bears had outstanding goal tending from Hannah Jang, Jack Taylor and Tate Donavan in their shutout of the Village Market Avengers. Jack and Tate also scored goals for the Bears.

Ages 7-9

Pacific Slope Tree Company Dragons 5; Crazy Train Pub & Grill Goal Busters 0. Two goals from Salvador Eaton-Sharon and goals by Indigo Dagnall, Darius Esparza and Dominic Esparza led the Dragons to a 5-0 shutout.

Idyllwild Vacation Cabin Idyllwild Star 2; Idyllwild Garage Assassins 1. Great goaltending from Idyllwild Star Steven Rivas and the Assassins’ Jaden Fogle kept this game close. The Star had first-half goals from Oliver Gonzalez and Tony Solario while the Assassins answered with a second-half goal by Tyler Sonnier. 

The Dragons and Idyllwild Star both win to set up the battle for first place on Tuesday. Two goals each by Dragons’ Oliver and Salvador and 1 from Andrea Lopez led the Dragons to a 5-1 victory over the Goal Busters. Natalie Lovett-Jenson scored for the Goal Busters. Darius scored two goals for the Dragons and Kail Mack added the third in a 3-1 Dragons win over the Assassins. Lucy Newman scored the only goal for the Assassins.

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Idyllwild Star 5 1 0


Assassins 2 4 0

Goal Busters 0 6 0

Ages 10-14

Muir’s Mountain Blue Stars defeated Idyllwild Brew Pub Wild Cats 4-2. Blue Stars’ Roman Honarvar had a hat trick in the first half. The Wild Cats fought back with a goal from Manny Guzman. Christian Gonzalez of the Wild Cats added the last goal for a 4-1 victory. Blue Star goals from Christian and Rene Montoya, and 2twofrom Roman led the Blue Star to a 4-1 victory over the Wild Cats. Joel White scored for the Wild Cats.

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Blue Stars 8 0 0

Wild Cats 0 8 0


Red Time hung on for a 3-2 victory over F.C. Los Huevones.

503 easily defeated Fox 4-2

503 scored a second-half goal to edge out F.C. Los Huevones 2-1. Fox scored two second-half goals to tie Red Time 2-2

Red Time upset 503 in a 5-0 shutout. F.C. Los Huevones edged out Fox 5-4 with a goal late in the game.

Standings Wins Losses Ties

503 4 2 1

Red Time322

Fox 232

F.C. Los Huevones 2 4 1