Creature Corner: September 19, 2013

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Reunited this week were Samson and Rosie to their very worried humans.

Ladybug can be a lady most of the time. But bring out the football, Frisbee or anything that even looks like a toy, and she’s ready with all fours to play. She is a young shepherd/husky-mix who was abandoned at our dumpsite with two other dogs. She loves to hike, walk or just plain be at your side. Ladybug is currently in leash training, and knows the doggy door, sit, stay and off. Such a smart girl, and what a great companion dog for an active family.

SandyShe is still sitting here in the sun alone and wondering, “When is it my turn?” Sandy came to us last November with a litter of four beautiful puppies who have all been adopted to forever homes. Sandy was the perfect mom. She has rested and got her girlie figure back. She likes to play a little bit, and loves to walk and frolic in the yard. But mostly, she loves the sun. She is still young and would love to have her own bed, her own human and her very own place in the sun.



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