Is news so scarce that you need to cover a half of a page with a rambling piece of Glenn Beck boilerplate larded with inaccuracies, half-truths and contradictions?

“Liberals have bought into the idea that people are fundamentally bad.” I thought the doctrine of Original Sin was a fundamental tenet of Christianity, something deeply embraced by conservatives.

“The government did not enact women’s rights, civil rights, environmental causes [sic], gay rights, or equality — the people did.” Really? Most of these now generally accepted doctrines were once widely unpopular with the general public and were achieved only through long legislative struggles led by brave men and women against — wait for it — conservatives and the right wing, who are still fighting a desperate rear guard action against the environment, marriage equality, progressive tax rates, civil rights, labor, public education, women’s rights and science.

I could go on but most of your readers are probably way ahead of me.

A local paper is something to be supported and appreciated, but I have to question if it’s the best venue for a screed like Mr. Hoffman’s.

Mark Salter
Fern Valley