Are any of the four water districts (Idyllwild, Fern Valley, Pine Cove or Alandale) even remotely concerned about de-icing chemicals or rock salt getting into groundwater? Why are veterinarians treating dogs for de-icer poisoning and burnt paws?

I, too, live in a home that is ridiculed by stair-haters, so I fully understand the need to not slip and fall, but in communities fed by well water, I believe it’s a valid question.

Similarly, I deeply wish for the days of salt brine water softeners to be behind us. Yet box retailers and hardware stores sell water softener salt pellets to mostly senior citizens by the pallet full. Sadly, residential use is still allowed.

Eastern Municipal Water District actually has a covert wastewater sampling program to catch renegade salt discharging businesses. Salt is a wonderful tree killing substance which midwestern old timers used to eradicate trees in times past. A horrible menace these trees.

I think it’s ridiculous for any water authority to whine about laundry soap or even fire retardant and completely ignore salt and de-icing chemicals in our drinking water.

Mike Reno
Pine Cove